Intestacy: You Can’t Take it With You, But….

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Last Will and Testament
Take control of your destiny, write a Will.

LaCoste, Texas-January 8, 2018-Intestacy is when a person dies “without a will.” If you fail to plan for the distribution of your assets after your death, the government is more than happy to provide the necessary leadership. The Texas Estates Code provides a detailed scheme for the distribution of assets of residents who die intestate.

The primary reason to avoid intestacy, in my mind, is to have the most control possible in distributing the assets that you have worked so hard to obtain. The government’s heavy hand sticks hard and fast to the statutory framework and mostly disregards fairness. Our lives become more complex as time passes and the provisions of the Texas Estates Code may not be friendly to the unknown desires of persons who have passed away without a will.

Modern families are also a lot like “Modern Family.” Blended families of all sorts can create intricacies that only estate planning can thoroughly sort out. Multiple marriages, family members with varying economic status, persons with disabilities and other factors can make the need for estate planning even more important so that the right people can be taken care of as best as possible.

Regardless of your age, as an adult, you must make a point to handle this aspect of your life ASAP! Don’t let the focus of this work be your passing, but rather the fact that you are handling your affairs so that: 1) your true intentions be known in writing and in advance, 2) others do not have to sort it out without true leadership and 3) someone you truly care for is not left in a lurch.

Matthew Myers, Attorney at Law, PLLC


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